How many cups is 200ml of water?

Here is the answer

One cup contains 236.6 ml

x cups/200 ml =1 cup/236.6ml

or x cups =(1 cup/236.6ml)x 200 ml

or x cups = 0.845 cups

How many cups is 200ml liquid?

0.845 cups is 200ml liquid. which is about 16 tablespoons

What size cup is 200ml?

A typical coffee mug would be comparable in size to a 200ml cup.

Is 250ml 1 cup?

As we have learned One cup contains 236.6 ml you can say 250 ml is equivalent to 1 cup.

How many cups is 200g?

We know 1 ml = 0.57 gram than 200 ml = 0.845 cup hence 200 gram = .4815 cup

Is 100mL the same as 1 cup?

One cup and 100mL are not the same. 236.588 mL is equal to 1 cup.

What size cup is 100mL?

100 milliliters, or mL, is the same as 3.38 ounces in a cup.

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