How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions in 2022

Have you ever seen someone’s Instagram caption with line breaks, also you have tried to do the same with adding space, but you failed?

Yes, Instagram sucks at this step. So adding Line Breaks in Instagram Captions is just a simple method & you cant do it by just putting a lot of space on your caption.

In this post, we will learn how can you add a break line on your insta caption.

Why you need to add line-breaks to your long captions?

Most people write their long caption like this.

How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions 5
Image – pixabay

Adding line breaks on your post looks so clean and it generates a good viewers’ experience. It can help you get more viewers’ attention and get more engagement to your post.

How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions

Why did you are failed to add line breaks ?

When you type a caption in the caption tab, Instagram styles it. It’s simply the way Instagram is set up. It ignores the gaps and compresses the text.

The captions on Instagram are formatted in this way. Don’t worry, I’ve got two good methods for adding spaces to Instagram captions.

How to add line breaks in Instagram Captions?

Every android or ios user can do this without any problem. The best two methods are.

  1. Add a symbol to your caption
  2. You can use NOTES app

these two methods are elaborated on below.

1. Add a symbol to your caption

Between paragraphs of your Instagram caption, you can insert symbols which you can get line breaks (Check Photo below). This trick is the simplest and most popular technique to create line breaks. Before posting the image, you can write the caption using this strategy.

How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions

You can use any symbol as per your choice.

Note- After each paragraph, make sure to include a line break and then add a symbol (No spaces before or after symbol). One symbol over the entire line, as depicted in the photo. It is advised that no spaces be added before or after the symbol.

2.You can use NOTES app

If you use spaces in your Instagram captions when submitting a picture, Instagram will ignore them and style the text accordingly. The spaces you’ve entered will be removed as a result of this. To add spaces to your caption, you can also use the notes app. Here’s how you can do it.

Step One- In the Notes app, write down your favorite captions.

How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions

Step two – You can use line breaks and copy the whole captions ( You must not remove the Line Breaks here).

How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions 2

Step three- After you’ve chosen your photo or video, paste it in the Captions tab.

How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions 3

Done. the line breaks for your Instagram caption works perfectly.

Bonus Tip- You can use emoji on your caption which helps you to beautify your text. The emojis add more space to your caption that is why line breaks will not vanish and it works perfectly.

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